A really strange but also productive day today

I have to say that I’m writing this blog post with a sense of strangeness today, because it’s been a very unusual day day.

A few strange things have happened, well not really strange, just unexpected I suppose these the best way of putting it.

A lot of things happened at once. I got several translation’s back from the Italian translator, as a I have already said I’m using an Italian translation service to help negotiate some food contracts I am doing, and several translations came back in one go, which allowed me to leap forward with all three deals faster than I expected, which kind of caught me out.

On top of that, I have also got a date lined up. I joined a dating site and didn’t think much of it, apart from saying hello to a couple of people and I struck up a text conversation with one of them and we are meeting tomorrow night for a drink. I’m not sure she is my type, but it’s happened quicker than I thought it would I suppose so I’m really excited in one way, it means at least I am making progress and if you’re in the game, you can win the game.

On top of that, there was another strange thing happened, my parents have suddenly said they are giving me a load of money. I didn’t realise they had this much money, but as they are getting older they have decided to start giving some a way so that it can help the kids now rather than later.

So it’s been a good day because I’m making progress on my business deals, I have got a date lined up, and I suddenly been told I’m going to get quite a lump sum of money.

Which means it’s been a strange day but I’m sitting here writing this at the end of the day very very pleased with how it’s gone. I’m hoping tomorrow will be even better because I’m hoping to get a response back from at least one of the Italian companies that I am negotiating with through Italian to English translation.


The first Italian food deal has been all but completed

I’m really pleased today because the first of three food deals has been completed the small Italian companies I am negotiating with. When I say completed, I mean they have agreed to go to contract, which means I have to now get a contract drawn up based upon our negotiations, get it translated into Italian using the Italian translation service I’ve been using, get it sent over to them, then they will send back their corrections, comments and objections.

So then I will have to get those translated from Italian into English and then hopefully we will get the final contract translated, sent over, signed, sealed and delivered. Hopefully.

That means there are 2 to go after that. But once this first one is done the other two should not be as difficult. That will be great because I will then have three Italian food companies who are providing me with niche Italian products which I can sell on at a really great profit here where I live.

And I’m really feeling confident about it now because I’m using an Italian translator to make sure that I’m understanding exactly what is going on, and that the people I’m negotiating with our understanding as well.

In other news, I’ve decided that I’m going to start biking a bit more. It’s lovely weather at the moment and I got a bike in the garage and I don’t hardly ever use it. I need to get it out of the garage and start using it daily, even if it’s just go for a ride around the block I need to get out and get fit and healthy. Negotiations and translations are making me sit around indoors looking at computers a lot and it’s time for me to get out and do some more things.

Anyway, that’s it for me for today, just a quick update which is probably of no relevance or any use anybody anyway, but then I’m writing this for me and not anybody else as I said right at the very start of this blog.

The strange knock on the door from my neighbour

I was working from home today and I had a knock on my door from my next door neighbour mid morning. She is lovely old lady and she does come round now and again to make sure I’m okay, because I’m on my own and I think she likes to mother me a bit. It’s only mothering, she is in her 80s so don’t get any ideas.

But anyway, she told me a strange story today. She told me about how she had been looking out side in her back garden the night before and had seen something strange in the sky. She asked if I had been at home and if I had seen anything. I said I would have been fast asleep at the time she was talking about and was a bit mystified.

Apparently she said she saw strange lights in the sky and something moving very slowly, then very fast. Basically she said she saw an unidentified flying object over our houses. Now obviously here I have to say that she is an old lady etc, but she has all her marbles and I was a little surprised that she came round to ask me something like that. Especially older people I think a little more close minded on the possibility of life outside our own planet and so I was surprised she openly came round and asked me.

Anyway, there was no resolution to that that, I just said I hadn’t seen anything and that perhaps we should keep an eye out in case it came back over the next few nights.

I was little bit distracted and I’m honest and didn’t really think about it afterwards because I am in the middle of using the Italian translation service to get some emails pushed backwards and forwards quickly between me and three Italian food manufacturers who I am trying to source original Italian food products from. One is a pasta maker and is very small and local, making real rustic Italian pasta from scratch, and they sent me a sample and it is amazing stuff, so I’m desperate to get them on board because they will be very profitable.

But it’s taking time because I am having to use an Italian translator to get language translated between Italian and English, then from English to Italian to make sure that everything is being talked about properly. I would hate for things to collapse at the contract stage because of mistakes in interpretation about what we were both thinking and doing.

So on the surface, it’s a pain, but I know underneath using the Italian translation service is really making me confident that these local Italian food deals will go through.

My frustration with my latest food import deal

Today has been a really frustrating day, I have not made much progress with the latest food deal I’m trying to negotiate. Basically I’m trying to get several small Italian food makers to supply products to me for import.

The biggest problem is language. I’m having to work out how to get things done accurately, it’s no good sending text to Google translate, because it just doesn’t work. So I have sourced an Italian translation service to help me to get accurate translations from Italian to English, and then from English to Italian.

The problem is this is going slow things down and already is. When they send me an email, I’m having to get it translated, then I’m having to write the reply and get that translated before sending it back. I’m having to do this consistently because I don’t want them to suddenly get an English response and get confused. Thankfully a translation service I’m using are getting the Italian translators backing good time.

On top of that I think that if we get things sewn up by good communication now, it will ease the contract negotiations later.

But basically it is getting a bit frustrating and today I came home and I sunk a couple of bottles of wine and got a bit depressed. I’ve managed to sober up now with some coffee and water and some time, but I’m sitting here writing this a bit frustrated and annoyed. I have to say that I think part of the problem is that I’m a bit lonely. I don’t have a companion talk to and I get a bit lonely at times as well. So I’m thinking this online dating idea might be a good thing for me to look into.

I don’t have a lot of time in my life at the moment, so I’m bit worried that I wouldn’t have time to invest in some new. I would hate to lead somebody on and that not be able to see them, even if I have feelings for them. That will be horrible, but at the end of the day my first priority is my retail business.

Anyway, I’m wandering around on and off different topics now and it’s time for me to get my head straight by going to bed. Tomorrow is another day and I have to wake up with a more positive attitude.

Trying to find a bit of original Italy to sell

My company sources foreign foods and then supplies them wholesale to retail outlets within my own country.

At the minute I’m trying to source fresh range of exciting original Italian food products to sell. There is increasing demand for these in our country as there are lots of restaurants and niche retail shops opening that are selling Italian food products.

So I’m currently negotiating with a handful of Italian food suppliers and manufacturers to supply the food to me. The problem is that a lot of these are small and not international companies, which means that they are not easy to deal with. The reason for this is mainly the language barrier although they can speak basic English, I can’t speak Italian which means that in terms of negotiating a deal it’s almost dead in the water.

The idea of had is to use an Italian translation service to help me. I had considered using an Italian translator, but they are expensive as individuals, so what I’m going to do is use a website. There are lots out there, including one’s like translateshark.com, which supplies translations for you. Basically you upload the text, it is sent to their resident translator in that language, it translates it and then delivers it to you. So although it’s only text based, you can get a great Italian translation service for a low cost

So it’s a low cost way of getting accurate translations. The problem is it’s going to be a bit slow, but I think getting an accurate Italian translation is going to be essential in doing the deal. It’s the first one I will have done with very small companies in a foreign country where language has been a barrier, so I be looking for ways around it that are cost-effective.

As well as sourcing the Italian translation service, I’ve also got to deal with importing the food. That is going to the next step after doing the deal. Basically I think it’s going to be a bit of a slow process because of the translation, and then I will be onto the practical details of how to get the food in the country.

Welcome to the blog of a professional food salesman

The first thing I want to say is that I’m not really good with writing. Although I’m not bad with writing as such, I’m not very creative, but I suppose a blog isn’t meant to be creative. I’m going to write about myself in this blog and I’m going to tell anybody who is reading about what I do and how I’m feeling.

I suppose I feel I just want somewhere to let off some steam that is anonymous and private really. Although it’s public, I’m not going to give any details which could be traced back to me, so it is private in reality.

I suppose I also I have to say I’m not writing this blog for anyone else’s benefit. I’m not here to have a point of view, give information out or to entertain. All I’m here to do is to write about myself to get things out of my head and perhaps sort out some of the ideas and problems I have rattling around in my brain at times.

In terms my job, I’m a food salesman. I source original food from abroad and then resell it here in my country. So I am basically a food importer. I’m currently working on increasing my Italian food offering, because there are several places that are asking for different types of Italian foods that I currently don’t provide.

I’ll talk more about my job in my next blog post, especially the Italian deal as it could make my business future proof by increasing my revenue massively.

But I suppose something that I really want to talk about is my personal life. I’m very happy and motivated, but at times I am lonely. I was married but we never had children and now I am worried that I have been left on the shelf. Everyone around me already has children and when I look at dating site to realise that most people only have kids at my age and they don’t particularly want to have any more. So that is a worry in my mind I may discuss in this blog.