Welcome to the blog of a professional food salesman

The first thing I want to say is that I’m not really good with writing. Although I’m not bad with writing as such, I’m not very creative, but I suppose a blog isn’t meant to be creative. I’m going to write about myself in this blog and I’m going to tell anybody who is reading about what I do and how I’m feeling.

I suppose I feel I just want somewhere to let off some steam that is anonymous and private really. Although it’s public, I’m not going to give any details which could be traced back to me, so it is private in reality.

I suppose I also I have to say I’m not writing this blog for anyone else’s benefit. I’m not here to have a point of view, give information out or to entertain. All I’m here to do is to write about myself to get things out of my head and perhaps sort out some of the ideas and problems I have rattling around in my brain at times.

In terms my job, I’m a food salesman. I source original food from abroad and then resell it here in my country. So I am basically a food importer. I’m currently working on increasing my Italian food offering, because there are several places that are asking for different types of Italian foods that I currently don’t provide.

I’ll talk more about my job in my next blog post, especially the Italian deal as it could make my business future proof by increasing my revenue massively.

But I suppose something that I really want to talk about is my personal life. I’m very happy and motivated, but at times I am lonely. I was married but we never had children and now I am worried that I have been left on the shelf. Everyone around me already has children and when I look at dating site to realise that most people only have kids at my age and they don’t particularly want to have any more. So that is a worry in my mind I may discuss in this blog.


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