Trying to find a bit of original Italy to sell

My company sources foreign foods and then supplies them wholesale to retail outlets within my own country.

At the minute I’m trying to source fresh range of exciting original Italian food products to sell. There is increasing demand for these in our country as there are lots of restaurants and niche retail shops opening that are selling Italian food products.

So I’m currently negotiating with a handful of Italian food suppliers and manufacturers to supply the food to me. The problem is that a lot of these are small and not international companies, which means that they are not easy to deal with. The reason for this is mainly the language barrier although they can speak basic English, I can’t speak Italian which means that in terms of negotiating a deal it’s almost dead in the water.

The idea of had is to use an Italian translation service to help me. I had considered using an Italian translator, but they are expensive as individuals, so what I’m going to do is use a website. There are lots out there, including one’s like, which supplies translations for you. Basically you upload the text, it is sent to their resident translator in that language, it translates it and then delivers it to you. So although it’s only text based, you can get a great Italian translation service for a low cost

So it’s a low cost way of getting accurate translations. The problem is it’s going to be a bit slow, but I think getting an accurate Italian translation is going to be essential in doing the deal. It’s the first one I will have done with very small companies in a foreign country where language has been a barrier, so I be looking for ways around it that are cost-effective.

As well as sourcing the Italian translation service, I’ve also got to deal with importing the food. That is going to the next step after doing the deal. Basically I think it’s going to be a bit of a slow process because of the translation, and then I will be onto the practical details of how to get the food in the country.


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