The strange knock on the door from my neighbour

I was working from home today and I had a knock on my door from my next door neighbour mid morning. She is lovely old lady and she does come round now and again to make sure I’m okay, because I’m on my own and I think she likes to mother me a bit. It’s only mothering, she is in her 80s so don’t get any ideas.

But anyway, she told me a strange story today. She told me about how she had been looking out side in her back garden the night before and had seen something strange in the sky. She asked if I had been at home and if I had seen anything. I said I would have been fast asleep at the time she was talking about and was a bit mystified.

Apparently she said she saw strange lights in the sky and something moving very slowly, then very fast. Basically she said she saw an unidentified flying object over our houses. Now obviously here I have to say that she is an old lady etc, but she has all her marbles and I was a little surprised that she came round to ask me something like that. Especially older people I think a little more close minded on the possibility of life outside our own planet and so I was surprised she openly came round and asked me.

Anyway, there was no resolution to that that, I just said I hadn’t seen anything and that perhaps we should keep an eye out in case it came back over the next few nights.

I was little bit distracted and I’m honest and didn’t really think about it afterwards because I am in the middle of using the Italian translation service to get some emails pushed backwards and forwards quickly between me and three Italian food manufacturers who I am trying to source original Italian food products from. One is a pasta maker and is very small and local, making real rustic Italian pasta from scratch, and they sent me a sample and it is amazing stuff, so I’m desperate to get them on board because they will be very profitable.

But it’s taking time because I am having to use an Italian translator to get language translated between Italian and English, then from English to Italian to make sure that everything is being talked about properly. I would hate for things to collapse at the contract stage because of mistakes in interpretation about what we were both thinking and doing.

So on the surface, it’s a pain, but I know underneath using the Italian translation service is really making me confident that these local Italian food deals will go through.


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